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All books have been extensively reviewed in ACPEM newsletter:

Complementary Therapies For Physical Therapists: A Clinical and Theoretical Exploration
Robert Charman (ed) (2000) B&H
ISBN book and associated website contain many chapters by ACBET members

Acupressure: Clinical Applications in Musculo-skeletal Conditions
John Cross (2000) B&H
Theory and clinical applications of acupressure in combination with orthodox physiotherapy techniques.

Virtual Medicine: A new dimension energy healing  (1999)  £10
Keith Scott-Mumby,  Thorsons
Excellent guide to diagnosis and treatment viewing mind and body as interacting frequency systems.

Medical Marriage: The New Partnership between orthodox and Complementary Medicine (1997) £20
Cornelia Featherstone MD & Lori Forsyth, 
Findhorn Press 
Discussion of in depth partnership, 63 individual therapies reviewing theory, research and case histories. CM practice, law, training. Excellent reference.

The Rainbow and the Worm: The Physics of Organisms  2nd edit. (1998)  £12
Ho Mae-Wan World Scientific, 
ISBN  981-02-3427
Concept of quantum holography is explored leading to brain consciousness being embedded within body consciousness. Wealth of research, data and insightful ideas having direct relevance to theory and practice of physiotherapy.

Vibrational Medicine For The 21st Century,
A Complete Guide to Energy Healing and Spiritual Transformation

Richard Gerber MD (2001)  Piatkus UK
ISBN  0-7499-2187-0
Research confirming ancient wisdom, Thoughts and consciousness in health, user friendly guide to key therapies, good resources and bibliography.

Reinventing Medicine: beyond mind-body to a new era of healing (1999)  £10
Larry Dossey, Element
ISBN  1-86204-812-6
Absorbing account of changing medical & public opinions of healing in a world wide context. Collates anecdotal and research evidence of non-local mind influence, acknowledging the slow move towards the interaction of spirituality & medicine.

Healing with Magnets: how the power of bio-magnetism can cure pain, Illness & injury (1998) £7
Null Gary, Robinson
ISBN  1-85487-558-2)
Peer reviewed 100 clinical trials indicating positive outcomes. Important implications for electrotherapy/physiotherapy.

Complementary Therapies in Context: the Psychology of Healing (1999)  £18
Helen Graham, Jessica Kingsley Pub.
ISBN  1-85302-640-9
Well written, wide ranging. Combines ancient perspectives of healing with a bio-quantum interpretation of living processes. Clear discussion of concepts of different categories of therapies. Superbly referenced.

Moseby's Complementary & Alternative medicine: A Research Based Approach. (2001) £33
LW Freeman, GF Lawlis, Mosby
ISBN 0-323-00697
History, theory, practice, research literature & interviews with renowned authority for each therapy. Well referenced and written as a teaching text with tables, flow diagrams and summaries.

The Complete Book of Energy Medicine.
ISBN 1-85675-120-1
Helen Dziemidko MD,  Gaia Books
Discusses interpersonal and transpersonal energies, theories and evidence for bio- energy fields and 42 CAM therapies. Flow chart for common ailments, resource list, glossary, index and excellent colour illustrations.

The Field: The Quest for the Secret of the Universe (2001) £18
Lynne Mc Taggart, Harper Collins
ISBN 0 -7225-3764-6
Fully referenced, well researched, discussing each strand of evidence from renowned scientists & linking each with the zero point field with it's properties of locality & non locality.

Therapy at the Edge: The living matrix& conscious experience
James Oschman  (Butterworth-Heinemann  2003)

The Whispering Pond (1996)
E Laszlo
Complex theories. Interesting research re brain/mind communication.  Well referenced.

Fundamentals of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (1996) £18
Marc S Micozzi (ed) Churchill Livingstone
Excellent review of CAM's re basis, context, systems, approaches, integrated and traditional systems.

Acupressure and Reflextherapy in the Treatment of Medical Conditions
John Cross (2001)
ISBN  0- 506-4962-3
Explores in depth how to listen to the body in both assessment and treatment.  Concise clear treatment applications and explanations. Conditions described in traditional and western terms. Highly recommended.

Unconventional, Alternative, Complementary & Integrative Therapies: A Scientific Source Book. 
James l Oschman  (Churchill Livingstone  2003)

Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis
James Oschman (2000) Churchill Livingstone
ISBN  0-443-06261-7
A truly pioneering book, collating research based evidence to support the concept of the body as a interconnected web of informational vibrations and frequencies. Explores how physical and energy therapies interact with the 'living matrix'.

Healing Research, Holistic Energy Medicine and Spirituality,  Vol I, II, II & IV
Dr Daniel Benor (1993) Helix
(Obtained via Cygnus book club)
ISBN  1-898271-21-6
Critical reviews of studies and related research in Complementary Therapies, Psychology, Energy Medicine, spiritual dimensions and theories for Healing.

Healing for Horses: The Essential Guide to Using Hands-on Healing Energy with Horses (2001) £15
Margarit Coates, Rider
ISBN  0-7126-0138-4
Review by NFSH journal 'The best book on healing I have ever read'  Well researched & illustrated with excellent case studies.

Infinite Mind:  Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness (1996)
Valerie Hunt, Malibu pub. USA
I SBN 0-9643988-1-8
Dr  Hunt has discovered and illustrates vibrational patterns and individualised field signatures in pain, illness ,& emotional states.
Highly creative approach, clarifies metaphysical deductions from physics, good clinical base

Chi Kung:  Cultivating Personal Energy. (1999) 
Eleanor McKenzie, Hamlyn
ACBET member Sara Makone demonstrates each exercise in colour illustrations.  Theory & practice of Chi Kung as a path to health & vitality.

In Preparation:

Healing with the Chakra energy System
John Cross (Butterworth-Heinemann)

Reflextherapy: A giude for Health professionals
Christine Jones & Tessa Campbell  (Butterworth-Heinemann)

Electroacupuncture: Research and Diagnosis
David F Mayor Churchill Livingstone 2004

The Handbook of Alternative & Complementary Medicine  
3rd edit. (1996)  £13
Stephen Fulder, Vermillion
Authorative review of socio/medical background, theories, research evidence (20 main therapies) referenced, indexed and directory of organisations.


The Web of Life: A new Synthesis of mind and Matter  (1996)  £13
Fritjof Capra , Harper Collins
Well written synthesis of new thinking in the biological sciences, including mind/body interactive processes.

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