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Committee Members

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[Officer's contact details are available from ACPEM Executive Committee Members]

Honorary President

John Cross FCSP Dr. Ac.  MRSH

Honorary Life President

Robert A Charman FCSP DipTP MCSP

Scientific Consultant

Dr James L Oschman BSc (Biophysics) PhD (Biol)

ACPEM Executive Committee Members Contact List 2018-2019


Carol Robertson

Carol Robertson, MCSP is an active clinician as both an Acmos Practitioner and as a Chartered Physiotherapist. With over 30 years of experience across many medical specialities, Carol is interested in the effect of emotional as well as physical trauma on the person as a whole. Working with a team which widely utilised acupuncture during the 1980s ignited an interest in Chinese Medicine which eventually led her to the ACMOS Method. 

In the 1990s a period of ill-health brought real insights into many aspects of dis-ease, a painful but valuable lesson in life. Successful treatment of a lymphoma ‘cured’ this condition but left in its wake a prolonged state of chronic fatigue and loss of self. 

The field of energy medicine and quantum healing is a passion and Carol has been actively involved in the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Energy Medicine for over 10 years. Having served in various committee positions including PRO and vice-chair, Carol recently became chair of ACPEM where she continues to maintain a professional support role for physiotherapists with an interest in the broad spectrum of energy medicines.

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Membership Secretary

David Winstone

David, also known as Denny, qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 1998 from The University of Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff.

He has worked in a variety of roles in both the NHS and private clinics. He now has his own clinic in Marlborough, Wiltshire.

He has been very interested in holistic approaches since coming across the work of american cancer surgeon Bernie Siegel (author of Love, Medicine and Miracles) 25 years ago, and has attended training courses with him. This approach emphasises the importance of spiritual aspects and personal lifestyle changes in seeking health and wellness. David has been involved in Acpem for 15 years.

Previous to physiotherapy, he gained a law degree and worked in business. Outside of physiotherapy, he is a keen musician.

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Christine Shelley

Christine's traditional medical model of how to treat pain was turned upside down when she took a course in craniosacral therapy, something which, at the time, she knew very little about. Christine took this course primarily in an attempt to resolve her own frustrating hip pain which was was not responding to conventional physiotherapy. This course challenged and changed her perception of how to treat pain, and led Christine to integrate craniosacral therapy into her clinical work. Central to this approach is seeking out and treating the underlying cause of the symptoms. Christine is excitedly embracing this latest chapter in her therapeutic work, which continues to evolve.


Personal Relations Officer / Website contact

Stefan Latanowski

Stefan offers a wide variety of holistic healing work which he has developed and carried out around the globe (alongside his wife Melinda Moraes through their integrated service 'Integral Harmony'). He works with children (specialising with special needs) and adults, balancing body, mind and heart while striving towards a state of optimum health, well being and happiness.

Alongside Stefan's physiotherapy degree he is an experienced Yoga teacher (500+ hour level certified) and holistic healing pratitioner incorporating holistic massage, Reiki (Master Level) and other energy work (CranioSacral techniques, Qi Gong, sound healing, Ajna Light & Pyra Light healing).

For further details please visit: www.integralharmony.co.uk




Minutes Secretary

Victoria Hillier

Tor is a physiotherapist who has spent most of her career specializing in rehabilitation of people with acquired neurological conditions. She is a certified teacher of Yoga and Pilates and is currently teaching Reformer Pilates at a studio in Wiltshire. The roots of her practice are grounded in science through a passion for neuroscience and the power of neuroplasticity; however, her keen interest in Eastern medicine and philosophy has led her to explore many alternative therapies. As such, she is trained in a variety of holistic practices that complement her hands on approach to treatment. She teaches body and breath awareness in both her Pilates and Yoga classes and regularly uses massage, acupuncture and acupressure as healing tools.


Support Member

Tracy Lawson-May (Maunder)

Tracy Maunder's physio career had focused on manual therapy and rehabilitation of sports injuries and post operative orthopaedic surgeries. 
She now integrates holistic energy work with hands on and hands off treatments which also includes using acupressure to rebalance the chakra energy system 
 Her special interest lies in using sound and vibration from her voice, bowls,  and a drum for rebalancing and energising  the energy systems. 
These treatments help to facilitate a deep state of relaxation, to promote self healing and inner connection to self. 




Conference / Events Organiser 

Fiona Russell

Assisting patients in physical and energetic release, connection, alignment, suppleness and optimal movement and function using manual therapy, gyrotonic, gyrokinesis, energy psychology and bioenergetic meditation.

Research & Education Officer

Catriona Munro-Clark


Craniosacral Therapy Group

Liason Officer







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